Created in 2012, Word of Mouth is a leader in audiovisual and digital content, we work with a wide network of brands, agencies and production companies. We are constantly adapting to the evolving needs of media convergence and dedicated to developing a global, yet focused approach.  Our team is a collective set of creative, driven and crazy people who function on passion and sometimes, a cup of coffee. We provide various services under different verticals such as Film Production, Audio Production, Internal Communication and HR Consulting.


Here at Word of Mouth, we call our selves wolf pack and this pack runs on 5 core values and that is incorporated into everything we do.

Service | सेवा भाव

We are service providers, and we provide service with a lot of love and passion. 

Humility | विनम्रता

Kill them with kindness, while that may be a really short summation, it is one of our core values. We do not consider ourselves above or beneath anyone else. Being humble also means pushing back at times when it is necessary and we do it firmly but with politeness.

Loyalty | वफ़ादारी

We remain loyal to our clients, to our company, to each other and to our values. Anything that’s promised shall be fulfilled, no matter what the cost. We believe in walking the talk.

Bravery | बहादुरी

Bravery is one of the most important values in our work and we apply that in our lives as well. Being brave while taking decisions. Being brave in being who we are.

Speed | रफ़्तार

In life and in our line of work, speed is what differentiates one from the rest. We take it very seriously. We are punctual if not early with our deliveries and efficient in our practice.