The 'Wolfpack' philosophy of ours borrows from Rudyard Kipling's poem 'Law Of The Jungle' featured in his book titled 'The Jungle Book'. We, the wolves, with all our hearts and heads, believe in the following which keeps us together, keeps us growing and keeps us warm.


"As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back;

For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack."


Sarika Panchhi

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The Madam CEO is a boss lady, who loves a good challenge. Her never say never attitude enables WOMM to push further and further and reach higher grounds with every new project she brings in.  She has a pragmatic approach towards solving problems and she specialises in delivering effective results while keeping the emotional appeal intact.

Jimmy Shahani

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Give him a word, give him a thought, give him a story and he’ll transform that into a graphic visual like a magician pulling out tricks from his hat. As our Head of Branding and Graphic Design, Jimmy plays with the elements of design to build an image for our brands that instantly connect. Always ready to create; he is constantly exploring the endless pool of inspiration in the world around him.

Vineet KKN 'Panchhi'

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Vineet is the powerhouse of WOMM.

A visionary, a rolling stone; his head is a boiling pot of highly creative ideas and his pockets are always full of sunshine. An accomplished filmmaker, communication expert, musician, poet, actor, adventurer, a whiskey connoisseur and much more rolled into one, Vineet specialises in solving problems creatively and with passion.

Nikhil Arora

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After everyone’s played their part, Nikhil enters the room, sits on his editing desk and makes sense of all that we give him. Our Head of Post Production leaves no stones unturned to package every film with care and finesse before it leaves his desk and goes out to the world to see. 

Snehi Singh

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Snehi is a natural visual thinker. Trained by the best photo and video professionals, and with a knack for writing and creating, she can think of concepts and ideas faster than we can say ‘Word Of Mouth’. She is the Senior Director at WOMM and manages all creative projects from concept to delivery.

Sahil Khanna

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Say sales, say Sahil. Ever dedicated, extremely humble and outgoing, Sahil is the frontrunner for a lot of our clients. His charming nature, persistent politeness and genuine efforts towards our clients makes him a favourite of the team. Stretching his talents in front of the camera as well, Sahil has proved to be an ace actor as well. 

Pallavi Misra Chaturvedi

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Hindi, Urdu, English and some languages only she speaks and understands. In all these when we have to put paper and pen together, we go to Pallavi. She is not just the Head of Creative Writing at WOMM, but an accomplished poetess and singer. From completely technical content to the prettiest prose, if it is from our stable, it has to be from this one’s desk.

Neha Bhatt

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Every office needs a person where one knows ‘everything is possible’. Neha is our go-to person for logistics, production, travel, events and everything else only she can do. Being a filmmaker herself, she understands what the client exactly needs and can predict five steps ahead.